Passport For Free Is Back! Tinder Reopens Its Virtual Borders For Singles Itching To See The World Again

LONDON - March 31, 2021 — After one pandemic-filled trip around the sun Tinder members everywhere will be able to pack their imaginary bags and escape to a different reality.  Starting today, Tinder is making its Passport feature available for free for the month of April. For some, that could mean finding a fantasy fling in Miami, Munich or Marseilles. For others, it could be a way of testing the international waters while they wait for a vaccine passport. But no matter what you’re looking for, Passport provides endless places to go and new people to meet all without leaving your home.

After making the feature available for free Last April for the entire month, more than  25% of members globally tried Passport, documenting their #tinderpassport adventures on TikTok, which has racked up 72 million views (and counting).  Members using the Passport feature made 1.4B matches and broke Tinder’s highest matches per day record on April 24 with 55M matches.

“We saw such overwhelming adoption of Passport the first time around because people were desperate for connection,” said Udi Milo, VP Product, Tinder. “One year later, we expect similar adoption for a different reason: possibility. We’re all eager to close this chapter of our lives, but we’re still (mostly) at home. Tinder Passport lets us dream about what life might be like when we can travel, meet new people and make plans again.”

With the Passport feature available for free until April 30, the real question is: Where to first? For those in need of a little travel inspo, Tinder has uncovered which countries have the best chemistry (read: most Swipe Right activity*).

Top 10 most popular cities to Passport to globally

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA
  2. New York City, New York, USA
  3. London, England, GBR
  4. Paris, Île-de-France, FRA
  5. Miami, Florida, USA
  6. Tokyo, Tokyo, JPN
  7. Seoul, Seoul, KOR
  8. Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE
  9. Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD
  10. Moscow, Moscow, RUS RU 

The most popular UK city in the global ranking was London, which flies high in 3rd place as Tinder members want to get closer to the Bridgerton drama and find out from Brits whether cream or jam really goes first. For Brits in particular, their favourite cities to Passport to within the UK include key University cities - Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. Missing out on the true Fresher experience, students are Passporting to these places to build connections, whilst they’re back at home with mum and dad during the Pandemic. Whereas, for those hoping for greater escapism by Passporting abroad, top destinations for Brits include LA, Paris and Sydney.

Top 10 Domestic Passport Destinations for Brits

  1. London, England, GBR
  2. Manchester, England, GBR
  3. Birmingham, England, GBR
  4. Liverpool, England, GBR
  5. Leeds, England, GBR
  6. Newcastle, England, GBR
  7. Glasgow, England, GBR
  8. Edinburgh, England, GBR
  9. Bristol, England, GBR
  10. Nottingham, England, GBR

Top 10 International Passport Destinations for Brits

  1. Los Angeles, California, USA
  2. New York City, New York, USA
  3. Paris, Île-de-France, FRA
  4. Stockholm, Stockholm, SWE
  5. Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD
  6. Sydney, New South Wales, AUS
  7. Dublin, Leinster, IRL
  8. Miami, Florida, USA
  9. Tokyo, Tokyo, JPN
  10. Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

If you’re wondering which international hotties Brits are most likely to have a spark with, it seems Americans, Aussies and Spaniards are your best bet.

Top 10 Country pairings

  1. GBR    USA
  2. GBR    AUS
  3. GBR    ESP
  4. GBR    FRA
  5. GBR    SWE
  6. GBR    NLD
  7. GBR    IRL
  8. GBR    CAN
  9. GBR    ITA
  10. GBR    DEU

To access Tinder’s Passport feature, head to settings, tap your location, add a new location and drop a pin.

*Swipe, Tinder, and the flame logo are registered trademarks of Match Group, LLC.

Destinations data based on past 12 months

Top 10 international cities Passporting to the UK

  1. Santiago, Cagayan Valley, PHL
  2. New York City, New York, USA
  3. Delhi, NCT, IND
  4. Bangkok, Bangkok, THA
  5. Toronto, Ontario, CAN
  6. Sao Paulo, São Paulo, BRA
  7. Istanbul, Istanbul, TUR
  8. Mexico City, Mexico City, MEX
  9. Melbourne, Victoria, AUS
  10. Paris, Île-de-France, FRA