Over half of UK graduates met a partner at university and now Tinder Uni can help you meet yours
Tinder Uni is here for the new semester

UNITED KINGDOM - New research from Tinder* reveals that 53% of graduates across the UK met a current or previous partner during their studies and 62% of those are still with someone they met at university. With students embarking on new or continued university journeys, Tinder is embracing all the feels with the launch of Tinder Uni to help students spark on-campus connections.

Tinder Uni, which can be found in Tinder Explore**, makes it easier than ever for students to shoot their shot with the hottie down the hall, or even take it slightly further afield by matching with members from nearby universities. Tinder Uni ensures only current students can access the feature by verifying members through their university email address.

So, whether Tinder members are looking for someone who can match their party stamina, apply that romantic chivalry, or just expand a pre-drinks guest list, Tinder Uni makes it simple to connect with other Tinder members, whether that be from their own university or close by. 

Laura Wilkinson-Rea, Senior Director of Comms, UK at Tinder says: “2022 is a record year for students going to university (425.8K to be precise)*** and with nearly three quarters* of 18-25 year olds saying that they’re ready to mingle, it makes Tinder Uni the must-have partner this semester.”

Tinder Uni launches today across the UK and can be accessed by enrolling through the app in just a couple of steps.

  1. Open your Tinder app and tap on your profile icon
  2. Tap **Edit Profile**
  3. Scroll down to the **Education** tab to add your university to your profile.
  4. Once you have added your uni, tap on the option to **Apply for Tinder Uni**
  5. Enter and verify your student email address (your email needs to ends with
  6. You’ve officially enrolled to Tinder Uni