A masterpiece in dating: Tinder imagines profiles using iconic paintings to show that words are as important as pictures
As the world’s most popular dating app reveals the optimum bio consists of 15-45 words1

London (8th August, 2023) — Highlighting that the real work of art is in daters’ bios, the world’s most popular dating app, Tinder, is revealing a modern day take on six classic paintings including Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and  Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with the Pearl Earring. Each profile has been crafted with its own bespoke bio and interests, which we like to think would have been used if they were looking to find their match in the 21st century.

As Tinder reveals that the optimal bio has between 15- 45 words, the portraits have been designed to encourage singles to invest time in their dating profile bios when looking for their next match.

It is important to make these 15-45 words count as new research from Tinder shows that more than two in five (45%)2 of single 18-24 year olds prefer when their potential match is clear about what they want in their dating app bio. 40% of Tinder members using the Relationship Goals feature to signal their intent on the app say they are looking for a long term relationship, vs 13% looking for a short term connection*.

Moreover, 50% of young singles say those who share their hobbies and interests in bios are more likely to catch their attention. The research also reveals that 51% of young singles are more likely to consider a dating profile when the person has given an insight into their personality.

First impressions are everything and a Tinder member’s profile paints a picture of their likes and dislikes from the offset. Put pen to paper with care, as 30%3 of Gen Z singles get the ‘ick’ if a potential suitor uses bad grammar and spelling in their bio, and a further third (35%)4 are put off if a fellow single person’s bio contains too long a checklist for ‘their type on paper’.

Adding depth to a Tinder bio can make all the difference for daters when sparking their next connection, whether they wear their heart on their sleeve like Léon Riesener, or share their interests like Laughing Cavalier. It’s possible that back in the 1600s, the Laughing Cavelier’s love for craft beer might just have been the start of his brewing love story.


While it’s important for singles to get their bios right, Tinder’s research also found some of the biggest faux pas when it comes to their picture selection. Take note, 51% of 18-24 year old singles consider a picture of someone which features their ex as the biggest turn off, closely followed by 39%5 who dislike when pictures have clearly been edited. As outlined in Tinder’s recent Future of Dating report, young singles are valuing authenticity in dating more than ever. Tinder’s research found that 80% of young singles agree that their own self care is their top priority when dating and 79% want prospective partners to do the same6.

So whether you’re someone that is recognised for your smize (smiling with your eyes) or has a penchant for solo jewellery pieces, or perhaps the ability to grow a moustache like no other, what’s clear is that your picture is only one element of getting your dating profile on point. These ‘works of art’ have shown how to do it best.

To help singles find their match, Tinder is revealing how to master the art of creating the ultimate profile, as illustrated by the newly mocked up profiles of famous faces from way back when:

  • Show people what makes you, you
    • Witty, cheeky or bubbly, your bio is the perfect place to give a glimpse of your personality. Don’t be afraid to be who you are on your profile - over half (51%)7 of young singles say a bio stands out when someone gives a bit of insight to their personality.
  • Interests attract
    • Shout about your interests and hobbies! Including them in your bio is a great opportunity to meet people with similar interests, or who just want to learn more - whether that’s how to paddle board, or if they can join your book club. They’re also a great conversation starter. Don’t forget to use the ‘Interest’ feature to support your bio.
  • Be open and honest about what you’re looking for  
    • While a long check-list of dream qualities is a tad overkill, using Tinder’s Relationship Goals feature enables you to tell a match what you’re looking for   and helps set the foundations from the beginning. If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for yet, that’s ok. Use Tinder’s Relationship Goals to support what you write in your bio.
  • More words, more opportunity
    • Don’t leave your bio blank and aim to write more than just a few words. Whilst Tinder recommends keeping it punchy, don’t be afraid to be descriptive in your bio - turns out, 15-45 words is the optimum!
  • Switch things up
    • Keep your bio fresh and relevant - perhaps you change it to mention your new favourite TV show, or the best new hotspot in town for a date.

Now you’ve mastered your bio, here are two top tips to ensure your profile is worthy of hanging in the Louvre:

  • Pick your angle
    • Use a range of 4-5 photos which authentically show who you are and reveal your personality to potential matches,  just like your bio. And don’t be afraid to show your style, in fact, over 40%8 of young singles would be more encouraged to match with someone who has good dress sense in their pictures on their dating profile. 
  • Be a verified QT
    • With Tinder, it is easy to get verified. For our 18-25 members, being photo verified gives them a 10% higher chance to match9.

About Tinder

Launched in 2012, Tinder is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people and has been downloaded more than 530 million times. The app is available in 190 countries and 45+ languages.  More than half of all members are 18-25 years old. In 2022, Tinder was named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies by Fast Company. Tinder is a registered trademark of Match Group, LLC.

Notes to Editors

The Tinder profiles that have been created as assets are completely made up and have no affiliation with the people in the images.


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