As The Semester Starts, Tinder Reveals Most Compatible University Courses *

LONDON (September 29, 2023) — New research from Tinder reveals that 87% of young singles consider university a good place to meet a long-term partner.* However, it’s not just being at uni, it’s also what you’re studying that counts, as 65% of single students want to know what course a potential partner is studying to determine if they have similar interests*. With another year of university underway, Tinder has partnered with leading psychology expert Francesca Tighinean to release a list of compatible courses, ensuring that uni singles in the UK know which aisle of the library they should head to to meet their compatible study partner.

Francesca Tighinean has analysed the most popular*** uni courses in the UK to settle once and for all which course combinations will spark a match, based on their personalities and love languages. The considered ‘hotties’ on campus are the medical students, closely followed by law, then science*. The majority of single uni students (77%) say that it’s intellectual stimulation that they’re seeking in a relationship*, which goes some way to explain the course pairings.

Francesca Tighinean shares the thinking behind the perfect uni pairing: “What you choose to study at university is not by chance and it can reveal certain traits about your personality. Imagine you and your partner are like pieces of a puzzle, each with unique traits and skills. When you come together, your differences can complement each other and create a beautiful picture. There are certain university courses that can be unrelated in terms of what they study, however they naturally supplement each other by bringing different skill sets into the relationship.”

Tinder and Francesca Tighinean’s university course match list:

  • Law + Teaching/Education - While law students have a tendency to be strong-willed, education students are more understanding, patient, and flexible in nature, making their personalities well suited. Law students excel in expressing themselves clearly and advocating for their beliefs, whereas education students are more skilled in active listening and effective communication. Both law and education students have a strong sense of ethics and set of values which would give them plenty to bond over and help form the foundations of a strong connection.
  • History + Economics - Intellectually compatible partners genuinely enjoy learning from each other, hence History and Economics students can make a strong romantic pairing. Both tend to be curious, open to new ideas and engage in deep conversations. They appreciate intellectual stimulation and are receptive to different concepts and perspectives. Each partner grows because they show a willingness to learn from one another and they appreciate order and structure in their lives.
  • Business + Foreign Languages - Business Studies and Foreign Language students can be a great match. Both excelling in communication, Business students are often direct and assertive communicators, while Foreign Language students, thanks to their linguistic intelligence, can express themselves with clarity and empathy. This combination can lead to effective and considerate communication within the relationship.
  • Drama + English - Drama and English or Literature students are likely to go the distance. Both score high in being open to new experiences. They share a natural curiosity and a willingness to explore new ideas, making their relationship both dynamic and intellectually stimulating. Both Drama and English or Literature students have idealistic and romantic tendencies. They appreciate the beauty of language, emotions, and complex themes in literature and drama. This shared idealism can lead to a deep emotional connection and a mutual appreciation of the finer aspects of life. Both are emotionally sensitive and in tune with their feelings, which fosters a profound understanding and empathy within the relationship.
  • Psychology + Marketing - You’ll see sparks flying in a room with a Marketing and Psychology student. They are naturally curious and tend to enjoy exploring new ideas and perspectives, encouraging intellectual and experiential growth within the relationship. Marketing students often study consumer behaviour and persuasion techniques, which align with the psychology students' interest in understanding the complexity of human behaviour. Psychology students excel in listening and communication, while marketing students are skilled in interpersonal interactions. Together, they can engage in meaningful and effective communication, leading to better understanding and connection.
  • Medicine + Sports -  Medicine and Sports students are a match made in academic heaven. Both students' common focus on health creates a shared foundation for their relationship, with strong traits in communication and teamwork, which are essential skills in both healthcare and team sport settings. As a couple they share common interests and a deep passion for making a positive impact on people's lives. With the ability to see from a common lens, this contributes to shared philosophies and core values that are consistent. However, while both students know how to work hard, they know how to party even harder!
  • Architecture + Art and Design - Calling all interior design and aesthetic lovers, look out for this match as their interior space is bound to have a perfect style. Both have a deep appreciation for aesthetics, value beauty in their surroundings and are likely to share a similar sense of style and visual appreciation. Art and Design students score high in being open to new experiences, and so do Architecture students. They are both curious and creative, which means they enjoy exploring new and innovative ideas. When they're together, their shared love for new ideas can lead to exciting and imaginative projects or experiences. Art and Design students appreciate the complexity and depth of Architecture students, and as both have a heightened sensitivity to emotions, this can lead to a deep understanding in the relationship.
  • Engineering + Accounting - Both Engineering and Accounting students tend to score highly in conscientiousness. They are organised, detail-oriented, and responsible individuals. This shared trait means they are likely to create a stable and reliable partnership. They both appreciate predictability and order, which can lead to a great sense of security in the relationship. Many Engineering and Accounting students lean towards introversion. While they enjoy spending time with their partners, they also value personal space and intimate settings. This mutual preference for quieter, more intimate interactions can lead to a deep and meaningful connection.
  • Finance + Maths - Perhaps an unsurprising coupling as both Finance and Maths students tend to score high in diligence, making them organised, detail-oriented, and focused on their goals, whether academic or career-related. Finance students are career-focused and independent, while Mathematics students appreciate partners who respect their need for personal space. This shared value of independence can create compatibility in their relationships. Their commitment to personal and professional development can create a sense of mutual understanding and support in the relationship.
  • Political Science + Public Relations - Both PR and political science students tend to be extroverted, which can lead to a vibrant and active social life as a couple, with opportunities to attend events, engage in debates, and network with others. Political science students' aspirations for social influence and PR students' ability to effectively communicate and build connections can create a dynamic power couple. Together, they can work on projects, campaigns, or causes that align with their shared values, making a significant impact on society. Due to the busy nature of political science, those studying political science are looking for a significant other to be flexible around their schedule. A PR students' empathetic nature can therefore complement their career aspirations, making them open to finding creative solutions to relationship challenges.


*Consumer research from Tinder conducted by Opinium - survey of 1,000 UK uni students (18-25 year olds)

**2020 study published in Developmental Psychology

***The most popular University courses are determined by data shared in The Complete University Guide according to UCAS data.

About Tinder

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Tinder’s research reveals…*

Attending the same university (48%) and having mutual friends (44%) are seen to be the bigger drivers of compatibility amongst uni students. Studying a similar course comes in third for compatibility likeliness (36%), followed by being in the same uni society (26%), going on the same nights out (24%) and studying the same course (22%).

For the majority of students in the UK, it is intellectual stimulation that is desired with over three quarters (77%) of the survey participants agreeing that this is an important consideration in finding a potential partner. The survey results reveal that 64% of students believe that dating someone on the same course as them would mean that they're more likely to be compatible. However, 82% of students believe that it would be more interesting to find a partner on a different course to them. Most attractive university courses: Medicine (37%) Law (29%) Science (20%) Engineering (20%) Computer Science (18%) Business (15%) Maths (15%) Art & Design (14%) Economics (13%) English (12%)1 

About Francesca Tighinean

Francesca Tighinean is a renowned psychology influencer and life coach. Originally from Romania and now based in London, she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from City University of London, specialising in psychology. With an impressive following of over 2.5 million on social media, Francesca covers a wide range of topics, including relationship advice, trauma healing, confidence-building, and psychological tips. Her content resonates with people, empowering them to navigate life's challenges.