Ever wonder if Valentine’s Day still reigns supreme as the day of love?
Well, Tinder has proof that when it comes to romance, Valentine’s day still gets hearts fluttering.

London, February 2019. In 2018, Tinder downloads globally increased by 10% on Valentine’s Day, compared to the previous week, and in the UK alone there there was a 26% increase in downloads. So, this Valentines Day, celebrate with fellow match-seekers! 

In addition to V-Day, singles now have their very own day on 15th February, commonly known as Single’s Awareness Day. On this day last year, there was a further 7.5% rise in Tinder downloads around the world, in comparison to the week before and in the UK specifically, there was a 14% increase in downloads. Single Awareness day ‘18 also saw a 6% increase in matches, and swipers were definitely more chatty, with a 5% increase in conversations.

Alongside the UK, other countries such as Germany, Australia and Spain also saw spikes in activity around Valentines and Single Awareness Day. These statistics were calculated in comparison to the week before 14th and 15th February 2018.

  • On Valentine’s Day in Germany there was a 37% increase in downloads, the UK saw a 26% increase, in Spain this totalled 23% and in Australia downloads rose by 21%.

  • On Single’s Awareness Day, there was a 14% rise in downloads in the UK, 23% rise in Germany, an 11% growth in Australia and 9% growth in the US.

  • In terms of securing those connections, there were 13% more matches in Germany on single’s awareness day, there was a 7% increase on this day in Spain, a 6% increase in the UK and also 5% in France.

  • Typically chattier on this proudly single day, Germany experienced 14% higher value of conversations, in Spain conversations increased by 7%, the UK saw 5% more conversations, followed by France with 5% more.

But love isn’t just for Valentines Day. To help with your dating game for the rest of the year, Tinder have predicted the top trends and phrases you need to know: 

  • Dracula-ing – When someone only messages you at night, usually with the ‘you up?’ text 

  • Exagger-date – When you embellish a date to pretend it went loads better than it actually did 

  • Bird Boxed – When someone is blind to how rubbish the person they’re dating is 

  • Buzz-erflies – The excited feeling you get when your phone buzzes with a message from someone you’re dating. Cute. 

  • Deflexting – When someone straight up ignores a question you ask over text and brings up a different topic. Awkward. S.O.

  • Stalemate – This refers to the situation where neither party will DTR (define the relationship), and so you’re stuck in a strange limbo of not knowing what you’re doing

  •  Insta-gator – When you use Instagram to make the relationship public and thus push it to the next level 

  • Three-dot disappearing act – The infuriating moment someone starts to type a message then stops

  •  iPhony – Someone who swears they’re going to message you to arrange a date but never actually does


*Please credit/link to (, if you plan on referencing these dating terms in any editorial copy.