• A third of young UK singles say it's important that the person they are dating is registered to vote 
  • A fifth have either ended a relationship or would do so if their partner was not politically engaged

Tinder is partnering with the youth-led non-partisan charity My Life My Say, by supporting the NGO’s ‘Give an X’ campaign which encourages young people to get involved in the upcoming UK election and stay informed. The in-app ‘Swipe Card’ will be live in the Tinder app in the UK from today until 3 July 2024, directing Tinder users to digestible, impartial guidance to aid them in making an informed decision in the General Election.

The launch comes as new research from Tinder reveals the importance of politics to young singles in the UK when dating and forming relationships, with approximately one in five (21%) admitting they have ended a relationship, or saying they would do so if their partner was not politically engaged. 

The research indicates 69% of the young electorate plan to vote and the young singles surveyed (18-25 year olds) do not shy away from politics once matched with a potential partner, with over a third (36%) stating that they feel comfortable discussing politics on the first date. 

The research also shows that 60% of young singles in the UK feel strongly that the person they are dating should respect their political opinions, increasing to 65% for young women. 

Those surveyed also agreed they would be more inclined to vote if they had a date or friend to accompany them (16%). Over a quarter admitted the person they were dating could influence their decision to vote (26%), with men more likely to be swayed by a match (32%).

From today, Tinder users in the UK will see an in-app ‘Swipe Card’. This will redirect Tinder users to My Life My Say’s Voting 101 FAQ page. Spearheaded by My Life My Say, the ‘Give an X’ campaign was created in an effort to engage and mobilise the latest generation of voters. The website has a breadth of information about the forthcoming election including where to vote, what to bring when voting, and what voters should do if they have recently moved house. Through the ‘Give an X’ campaign partnership, Tinder and My Life My Say hope to prepare young voters for their biggest date yet and encourage them to make their voices heard in this General Election. 

Laura Wilkinson-Rea, Senior Communications Director from Tinder comments: “At Tinder we support and encourage our users to be their true self while looking for a Tinder match, and for today’s politically engaged young people, the research shows this includes being up front about your politics and voting intention. 

“With over half of Tinder’s users aged 18-25, by creating awareness of My Life My Say’s ‘Give an X’ campaign in app, our aim is to equip as many of our users as possible to feel empowered to make their voices heard in this General Election.”

Mete Coban, MBE and CEO of My Life My Say adds: "We are thrilled to partner with Tinder to engage young people in the democratic process in a truly innovative way. By meeting young people where they are—looking for a date—we're able to seamlessly integrate voter registration into their everyday lives. This collaboration is an exciting step forward in ensuring that the voices of young people are heard and that they are empowered to shape their future. We are inspired by Tinder's activation to give an X to make sure every young person is registered to vote and their voices are heard."

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Notes to Editors: 

Research carried out by Censuswide of 2,000 18-25 year old singles in the UK, between 7th-12th June 2024.

About Tinder 

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About My Life My Say |

My Life My Say, is a youth-led, non-partisan charity on a mission to encourage young people to participate in democracy and get every single young person voting. MLMS is recognised as one of the leading drivers of youth engagement in the UK, reaching over 6 million young people since 2013, increasing access to democracy, and affecting real change that benefits the greater good. It has garnered the praise of the UK Government, Mayor of London, Mayor of Los Angeles, European Commission and European Parliament, amongst others.

About Give an X

Give an X is a dynamic, youth-led, non-partisan campaign dedicated to revitalising UK democracy by engaging and mobilising the next generation of voters. Spearheaded by My Life My Say, the #iWill Movement, and Shape History, this initiative aims to significantly increase youth participation in the electoral process through innovative cultural partnerships and state-of-the-art campaigning strategies.

On April 16th, 2024, ahead of the local elections, "Give an X" achieved a groundbreaking milestone by registering a record 75,200 young people to vote in a single day. This remarkable feat underscores the campaign's effectiveness and the enthusiasm of young voters eager to shape the future of their communities and country.

Give an X leverages the power of collaboration and creativity to reach young audiences. By partnering with cultural influencers, artists, and youth organisations, the campaign creates compelling content and events that resonate with young people, making the registration process accessible and engaging.