Tinder Members Reveal How To Level Up Your Flirting Game

Valentine’s Day might be behind us, but if you still haven’t found your perfect match, worry not. 18-25 year olds on Tinder have revealed how to level up your flirting game and win over the latest match you’re crushing on. From interesting bios, to nailing a funny chat up line and the best creative first date ideas, Tinder members reveal their top flirty secrets. 

New data from Tinder has found that when it comes to flirting, Tinder members switch up their flirt-ictionary in bios to win over their matches...

  • ‘Flirting’ wins the flirt-off with the most mentions, as Tinder members stay true to the trusty term. It’s seen an increase in 2021, with 132% more mentions in bios than last year*

  • ‘Courting’ has been included 81% more in Tinder bios this year, compared to last, thanks to period dramas such as Bridgerton

  • ‘Sliding in’ has also gained some fresh interest in 2021 and has been mentioned 68% more in bios, versus 2020



Tinder member Rowena (23) from Doncaster has said: “whilst I used to let an empty or boring bio slide, since the pandemic a good personality has become more important than ever and so I really want to see my potential matches shine through in their bio. These days, good photos are not enough to win me over, so roll out the puns and share something unusual about yourself". 

Tinder’s top flirting bios to get you started:

  • Lockdown's made me forget how to flirt, remind me?

  • “Flirty, fit and full of bantz” - my best mate, 2021

  • If this is going to work, you need a good flirt to roast ratio 

  • Most people flirting: “Hey you’re cute, we should go on a park date sometime!”
    Me trying to flirt: So, do you like cheese?

  • Please bear with me, my flirting game has been on furlough



Tinder member Ellie (20) from Birmingham has said: “I am so over unoriginal lines about COVID and you won’t get a response if you kick off with something too cringey. Instead, make me laugh, help me escape our current reality or dive in with a bold question that 10 other boys won’t already have asked me today. Also timing is everything when you send your first message as I have my best conversations at night, so when we dim the lights, turn up your flirt game”.

Tinder member Milly (20) from Exeter also has suggested: “Open with a question or a comment on a photo of your match - what are you doing in the first pic, or you look great in the third pic. This is something I’d be way more likely to reply to than anything else”.


Opening liners to flirt up a storm with your match:

Check out my Spotify playlist…

  • Let the lyrics do the talking -Tinder member Aaron (22) says he sends his Spotify playlist to his matches to break the ice and funnily enough the song titles spell out “Hey you, you’re cute, want to, grab a drink?”


“If you could hop on a  right now to anywhere in the world, where would you go?”

  • Escape lockdown together - They say you should catch flights, not feelings but perhaps you can do both. At least theoretically. Find out your matches’ dream destination and you never know, you might be hitting Ibiza together next summer. 


Tell me a secret no one else knows…

  • Be unexpected - Whilst at first this might seem a little bit of a scary question, it will encourage your match to be open straight away and together you can dive into a more interesting conversation than either of you expected.



Tinder member Jess (20) from Nottingham has said: “I’m now more intrigued in my match’s interests and hobbies, as well as if they like the same music as me, than anything else. So show me what matters most to you and what makes you happiest with a date idea, it will prove our compatibility straight away”.

Similarly, Tinder member Leah (20) from Bristol is seeing if you’re up to the challenge: “I want someone ambitious, who also doesn’t take themselves too seriously. Show me what you’re made of!”


Date ideas:

  • Introduce a little healthy competition - get competitive with your match and trial them to a TikTok challenge or suggest a quiz or or even charades for a fun date idea. Maybe even a cook-off is on the cards, if your match is just as much of a foodie as you.

  • Get co-watching your latest TV obsession - with more time spent at home over the past few months, the ultimate lockdown date emerged - ‘TV show-mancing’ - a date consisting of the virtual co-watching of a TV show. Research released by Tinder has confirmed the rise of this trend, almost one in five (17%) 18-25 year olds virtually watched TV  together for a first date during the last lockdown.**

  • Embrace the great outdoors - with the doors of restaurants and bars firmly closed, dating in real life was stripped back to basics. Nearly half (46%) of Gen Z met their match for a socially distanced picnic or walk outdoors during the Summer, hoping the good weather would help to warm up their connection.



*Based on Tinder bio data February 2021 vs. February 2020

**The survey was responded to by 1,000 18-25 year olds October 2020