New research from Tinder reveals that the way someone speaks can be a total dealbreaker for Gen Z, with as many as half (49%) confessing that their dating decisions have been swayed simply by the way their match talks. 


While nearly a quarter (22%) have got the feels for a date because of the way they chat, whether it be in dulcet deep tones or with soft sounding s’s, at the other end of the scale, almost a third of Gen Z (27%) admitted that they have got the full-on ick all because of their match’s voice - savage.


So it might not stun you that 50% of Gen Z change their voice to impress their crush. Turns out, the joke is on those who don’t!


Laura Wilkinson-Rea, Director of Communications, UK at Tinder says: “As we’ve recently discovered that video chats have become far more commonplace before meeting in IRL, we anticipate that the ‘Video Chat Voice’ is the new ‘telephone voice’ of 2021 - whether it be sexier, deeper or posher”.


Switching it up, one in six (16%) have tried to speak more softly, 14% have made attempts to sound sexier (emphasis on attempt), 10% have tried to make their voice deeper and 9% have even tried to sound posher (looking at you, cast of Made in Chelsea).


The luck of the Irish rings true in the department of dating for Gen Z, as they have voted the Northern Irish accent as most attractive. Closely followed by London Cockney and Scottish - who’s language of love has charmed their way to joint second.


The top most attractive accents, according to Gen Z:

  1. Northern Irish
  2. Joint London Cockney and Scottish
  3. London Chelsea
  4. Yorkshire
  5. Scouse
  6. Mancunian
  7. Welsh
  8. Brummie
  9. Joint Geordie and Essex
  10. West Country


Despite Northern Irish coming out on top in the accent stakes, when it comes to which celebrity hun Gen Z most want to hear, amongst the fellas it’s Tom Hardy who has swooped in with the sexiest voice. Followed by Harry Styles who’s totally in tune, and Jack Grealish who’s scoring more than goals. Doing it for the ladies, Maya Jama was voted the female with the sexiest voice.


The top 10 most attractive celebrity voices, according to Gen Z;

  1. Tom Hardy
  2. Harry Styles
  3. Jack Grealish
  4. Tommy Fury
  5. Maya Jama
  6. Ant + Dec
  7. Laura Whitmore
  8. Iain Stirling
  9. Rege-Jean Page
  10. Jodie Comer



*Research conducted by Opinium - survey of 1,001 Gen Z UK adults (18-24) 14th - 17th September 2021


About Tinder:

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