A note from our Trust and Safety Team: Updates on how we’re making Tinder a safer place

Our team is constantly working to make Tinder a safer and more trusted place to meet new people. And while our team usually operates a bit more behind-the-scenes, we recognize that providing updates about our product enhancements, policies and member experience practices is important.  We’d like to share the latest on our safety responses, particularly when it comes to reports of violence. Today, if this happens, here’s what we do: 


  • We let the member know that we have received their report, and we’ll be taking appropriate action. We also direct the member to trained resources for crisis counseling and survivor support.   
  • We remove any accounts we discover that have been reported for violent crimes and share this information with the Match Group family of apps so they can follow suit if they discover a matching account. 
  • We work with law enforcement to do our part in supporting their investigations.  
  • If our team is asked whether a perpetrator has been removed from our platform in response to their report, we let them know. 


Our partnership with the The Match Group Advisory Council (MGAC), a group of industry-leading external safety experts has informed our responses, and their guidance has helped to make sure our members have the latest and most effective support resources. 

In addition to reporting, unmatching is another important safety feature that helps protect the privacy of our members on Tinder. We designed it to allow people to unmatch someone at their own discretion.  This could be because they’ve simply changed their mind about the match or because their interaction has left them feeling uncomfortable or unsafe.  The ability to remove yourself from someone else’s Match List is an important safety and privacy step that we plan to keep.  That said, we’ve heard that some of our members believe that they cannot not report someone who has unmatched them.  While that has never been the case (you can report someone at any time here), we are now making it easier to report someone in-app who has used the unmatch feature.  Over the coming weeks, we will add our Safety Shield directly within the Match List. Once tapped, it will direct members to Tinder’s Safety Center, where information about how to report someone who isn’t displayed on the Match List will be front and center.

We understand that our work is never done, and we will provide more updates here as we progress. It’s up to us to help everyone feel more welcome, safer and better heard in our community. After all, without our members, Tinder wouldn’t be the most popular app for meeting new people. 



For more information about the latest safety practices across the wider Match Group portfolio, please see here.


-Tinder Trust and Safety Team