Introducing Places – Now on Tinder
UPDATE: We recently discontinued Places in test markets. We look forward to exploring new ways to further integrate location into the Tinder experience.

Find common ground.


You love a good dive bar. You have a passion for spin class. You know where to find the best ramen in town. That says a lot about you. Now you can swipe on others who are into that, too.


Introducing Places—Tinder’s latest feature designed to help you discover new people who hang where you hang. Now, you not only have something in common, you also have a genuine icebreaker and your first-date spot. Boom.


Here's How It Works:

Tap the pin next to the familiar flame at the top of your Discovery screen to access Places. You can opt in by tapping “Turn Places On.” Start going places and you can then swipe on potential matches who have also visited the same cool spots.


Built with Privacy in Mind:

Places was designed to help you connect with potential matches who love the same spots you do—and you're in control:


  • Easily opt in or out: You can turn Places on and off at any time. If you don’t want anyone to know that you were at the library, we’ll keep your secret. Just know that if you ever need a study buddy, you can count on Places to be there.

  • Not in real time: You won’t be included in a new place until after you’ve left. Even if you cross paths with someone at the coffee shop, Tinder won't show you there until later unless it’s somewhere you’ve already included in your Places. So, keep it movin’!

  • Just social places: There are probably some places you’d rather keep to yourself, right? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We will never show you at the bank, your home, or doctor’s office because Places is strictly social and tbh, sharing a bank isn’t exactly mind-blowing information.

  • You're in charge: You can delete a place if you want to keep it hidden, or even choose to never be shown at a place, ever. You and your potential matches both have to actually have visited that place to be included. Rest assured that the people we’ll show you after you’ve left the bar have also dealt with the snarky staff, too. With Places, you’ll have a mutual connection that makes it easier to fill up an empty chat bubble.

  • Potential matches only: We’ll only show you potential matches, so don’t bother scrolling through your Feed for these folks because they’ll all be fresh faces. And once you've matched with (or swiped left on) someone via Places, they'll no longer appear in Places. So, basically, new places mean new faces. Now that you’ve got the lowdown, think of all the places you can go from here!

Places is powered by Foursquare and Mapbox and is being tested in three cities: Sydney and Brisbane, Australia and Santiago, Chile.


We’re excited for you to try it out! As with all tests, the feature may change as we gather feedback and work to make the Tinder experience even better.


Swipe on!