Tinder reveals The Golden Hour for Dating Sunday

Don’t miss Golden Hour, the busiest time of day on Tinder, from 9-10pm on Sunday 3rd January

As the world's most popular app for meeting new people, we know that the party will be happening on Tinder this Dating Sunday, 3rd January 2021, historically the busiest day for online dating. It’s all well and good knowing the date, but what time does the party start? With lockdown dating still likely to be our go-to in January, Tinder expects peak time on Dating Sunday on Tinder to be between 9 and 10pm,  aka ‘The Golden Hour’ for meeting new people. 

2020 was one hell of a year for pretty much everyone on the planet. Most of us are probably looking forward to closing the chapter (or volume) that is 2020 and storing it away as an epic story to tell the grandkids. 2021 is all about starting afresh in many areas of our lives, and that includes dating. 

Dating Sunday kicks off the dating calendar for 2021 and if 2020 was anything to go by the desire to connect is more present than ever before. At the end of September 2020, messages and use of the Swipe feature on Tinder were up double-digits from the end of February. People never stopped dating or needing to meet new people and they continue to do so in creative and virtual ways. 


It may be a New Year but it doesn’t have to mean a new you

Starting a New Year has become synonymous with reinventing ourselves. However, more and more people are valuing authenticity, especially when it comes to dating.  Recent data has found that 57% of 18-25 year olds want to show their authentic selves on Tinder. So this Dating Sunday, show potential matches the REAL you and put a bit of work into that Tinder bio you haven’t updated since you/your friends signed you up. 


Here are Tinder’s top tips for a thumb-stopping profile for the Dating Sunday Golden Hour


A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Out with the old, in with the new - Update your old photos with your most recent snaps. Why not include an arty/black and white photo to add a bit of mystery to your profile or a picture of your favourite pet to spark conversation?

  • Live action - Create a live photo with a  2-second loop video, to add a bit of fun to your profile

  • Stand out from the crowd - Avoid group photos - potential matches want to see YOU

  • Get verified - Use our Photo verification feature to get the blue tick on your profile that shows you are who you say you are (verified profiles get more likes so it’s win-win). 


Let your personality shine through 

  • Show your interests - You can add Interests to your Tinder profile so potential matches can learn more about you from the get-go, making starting a conversation easy 

  • Say it with music - Addyour favourite Spotify song to your profile to show potential matches what music you’re into right now. 

  • Bio etiquette Keep your bio short, sweet and to a few sentences. Giving just enough but keeping the intrigue. Words aren’t for you? Why not get creative and add a personalised meme to your bio and let the funny side do the talking!. 


Get the conversation flowing

  • Add a Prompt to your profile and vibe check with a potential match. It means a new match can start the conversation with the answer to your question or try and finish your sentence.