Introducing Spring Break Mode
UPDATE: This feature is currently available to all Tinder members in the US.

It’s time to find your vacay-bae.


We see you. You’ve mentally left the semester behind, and to prove it: You’re wearing floaties to study sessions, and passing midterms with one finger on your match list and another on a piña colada. Because it’s Spring Break somewhere...and whether you’re pulling all night study groups or pulling out all the stops for your boss, you deserve a break.


Enter: Spring Break mode. Tbh, we’ve been in Spring Break mode for months — and thanks to Tinder U, you can join us in the ultimate pre-game where you can match with others headed to the same vacation destination as you. And don’t worry, we’re not here to sell you a villa on the beach or unload a surplus of cheese sandwiches — we’re just here to help you find fellow Spring Breakers while your decision-making skills are still in topnotch form.


Here’s How it Works:

Get on Tinder and look for the Spring Break card. From there, you can add your Spring Break destination to see who’s going where. We’ll show you the location your potential matches are headed right on their profiles, so you can match and chat before you pack your bags and go.And hey, even if you aren’t jet setting to somewhere in the Caribbean, you can still get your feet wet — just set your Spring Break destination to STAYCATION — because there’s no shame in living la vida local, and let’s face it, the party is always wherever you’re at.


Spring Break is coming. Tell your friends.


Spring Break mode will begin rolling out on March 4th.