Tinder Presents The Year in Swipe®

Ever wonder when the best time of day to swipe is? Dying to know whether words like “lit” and “bae” are acceptable lingo in the dating dictionary? Reconsidering whether that Friends quote and GIF that you keep sending are outdated?


For the first time ever, Tinder is releasing its inaugural “Year in Swipe,” which captures the top Tinder trends among its users for 2018.


From the best month, day and time to swipe to the top trending profile terms to get you noticed, Tinder took a look at how users across the globe have built their profiles and swiped their way through the year! Plus, these stats can help you step up your swipe game for 2019 --spoiler alert: for optimal matching, UK users should be swiping on Mondays at 9pm - they should also move to Oxford, sharpish.


·       Looking for a spring fling? March was the most active month for Brits - and specifically Monday 9pm offers optimal matching conditions.

·       With Valentine’s Day looming and dark nights persisting, the infamous Blue Monday and Blue Monday Eve saw the most sign ups in the UK (Sunday 14th & Monday 15th January).

·       Limerick in Ireland is one of the top 10 cities for Tinder activity relative to population, with Oxford named as Tinder’s fourth best city in the world for finding luck on the app

·       What happened on the weekend of the 13-14th October 2018? That’s the question Tinder is asking itself, as the most conversations started on this epic weekend

·       Think the slang term “fit” peaked in 2014? Think again, as the slang term has been named as one of the most used Brits in 2018 - the review also revealed that Brits are the also only nation where the word “mum” made it in to the top terms in user’s bios


Tinder also compared the swiping habits of users in 11 major markets, from Brazil to South Korea, to find:


·       In the UK, U.S., and Australia, the Friends ‘How You Doin?’ GIF reigned supreme. But in Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, India, Japan and South Korea, the Waving Fox took the top spot as the most-used GIF.

·        Pizza was among the top 10 most mentioned foods in people’s bio across 9 different countries! Just proving that, no matter where you live, pizza is a universal language.

·       Beer pairs well with pizza as one of the most popular emojis listed in bios, making it into the top 10 for all countries, except the UK (which preferred posting puppies), Germany (which chose wine) and Russia (who selected dancing).

·       Drake’s In My Feelings was the #1 Spotify anthem for Tinder users across all countries with Spotify, with Ariana Grande’s empowering hit, God is a Woman, making the top 10 in 6 countries, including the U.S., UK, Brazil, Spain, Australia and Japan.  

·       Swiping right for emojis: users in the UK Germany, Spain and Russia each had the “no smoking” emoji within their top 10 most popular listed in bios.